I believe in consistency in order to win. This world has so many options that sometimes it’s hard to just settle down, and say ” no” I’m going to do this, and even if it sucks right now, I’m going to stick with it until it’s finished. 

I have found that in any field there are ups, and there are downs, but those who stick to the schedule, and are faithful, get the reward.  In working a regular job you show up on time you get paid, if you don’t you won’t get paid. Same applies to the music field, If you show up on time, and do what is necessary, then you will succeed, but if you don’t then you won’t.  Ed Sheeran, for instance, has a great work ethic. I remember him saying that “your first gig will suck”. He’s played when no one showed up, he’s played on street corners, and now he’s played everywhere on the radio. 

The lie that permeates society and those who don’t win is ” If I don’t succeed fast or the first time, then I can’t do it”. But when babies learn to walk dont they first crawl, and before they can run don’t they have to walk? 

The struggle is emotional. While emotions help us express our music, it’s terrible in helping us sustain a music career. In order to be successful in the music business, we have to use logic, and be consistent. 

So in conclusion, make a schedule, call the people you need to call, create the things you need to create. Don’t delay, don’t give into fear. See everything as a learning process. Learn, grow, and go!

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