Creating a Better Opportunity

Last year, I had a dream where this young black girl was responding to a job post  as a music producer but found herself being prostituted. It hurt my heart because I understood how she was looking for opportunity… to be something, to belong somewhere, just as we all do. Yet, there was no guidance for her. So, she went down that heartbreaking road of selling her body, like a slave.

This is not the type of environment I want to create or live in. Yet , I sense we live in a world that causes so many to stumble down that road due to a lack mentorship. It’s not just prostitution, but drug addiction, poor self-image, poor money management, poor time management, poor mental and emotional health or even poor psychical health that can lead us into a life of slavery. 

I believe there are so many inventions that haven’t been created, diseases that haven’t been cured, songs that haven’t been sung, movies that haven’t been produced because the ones who are supposed to be doing these things are tied up by some bondage whether mentally, psychically or financially.

I sense we lack good mentors , because the generation before us didn’t have good mentors. So how are you going to be a good mentor if you haven’t been mentored? How are you going teach if you haven’t been taught? Well, it has to start somewhere. For me it starts with #mysignatureplay.

50% of #mysignatureplay goes to stop child sex-trafficking, and 50% of my albums ( Be Leave, and Be True) go towards mentorship programs that help people become free spiritually, emotionally, physically, and financially.

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