Dear Nancy, I Love You

Dear Nancy,
I love you, love, and love you. With all the hate going on, I’m sending you a message of love because that’s what Jesus says to do. ( Matthew 5:44)

Jesus says we can’t be forgiven by God unless we forgive others ( Matthew 18:35). He says our enemies will be in our own household ( Matthew 10:36)

Nancy, we disagree on things like the wall. It hurts my heart that you don’t see how a wall protects and deters sex-traffickers, and drugs. This is where we are enemies.

“Tim Ballard who fights the sex-trafficking of children, and worked for the department of homeland security says walls works.

Not too long ago he rescued at a 13-year-old girl who was kidnapped from Mexico and trafficked across a place where there was no wall or barrier
But thank God, for Operation Underground Railroad that rescued her, and is now bringing her exploiters to justice.

Roughly 10,000 children are being smuggled into the U.S. every year to be sold as sex slaves. I and Tim Ballard agree “ we owe it” to these children to finish this wall and ” protect them from the monsters within.”

“Not only that The Border patrol says walls work. According to the Border Patrol, the wall built in San Diego has stopped over half a million illegal immigrants entering the US. Also the wall in Yuma, Arizona as stopped over 100lbs of drugs entering the country every day. Even Jim Acosta who isn’t for the wall proved that walls work when walking by one and showing how tranquil it was with one there.

It grieves me, and I know it grieves the heart of God of how these unaccounted lives are being exploited. Although we can’t save the whole world. we can do our part, we can do the best we can by first protecting those entrusted to our care, and in doing so we’re creating an environment where the needs of others can be met.

So, instead of getting mad and cursing you or something I’m going to follow in the teaching of Jesus. I’m praying for you, I love you and hope you and Trump work things out to bring a better, and brighter future for this generation , adnthe generations to come.

Please build that wall , not for Trump, but for us all.

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