Deep Grief, Dungeons, and Dreams

“  One shot to your heart without breaking your skin , no one has the power to hurt you like your kin.”(Indie Arie)

It’s from close relationship that we can experience the greatest joys, but also the greatest sorrow. My initial feelings are to withdraw , but in that time I draw nearer to the ancients and see how they dealt with deep grief. In these times of sorrow I listen to scriptures. I’m currently in the book of Genesis, and hearing about Joseph; how his brothers sold him into slavery. How Potiphar’s wife lied on him, and got him thrown in the dungeon, and finally when he had an opportunity to get out of the dungeon the guy who was supposed to help him, forgot about him. This is all too familiar in my life. Discouragements, disappointment, unfulfilled promises, rejection,  and trapped in dungeons of depression… But thank God the story doesn’t end here. Because in all of that there is hope. 

Joesph had a dream , the dream got him in trouble , but it was through the dream that God brought him to be the greatest ruler of his time. So this is my comfort, when I’m overwhelmed with grief and sorrow from a world that doesn’t value my existence. I know and hold to the dreams of God. I look back at the sufferings of Joseph, and Jesus to find a way to cope with my own sufferings of living in a world that just doesn’t understand…

I understand that even the son of God who brought salvation to the world was misunderstood, and condemned to die, because those in power didn’t see or care about what he had to offer, but he offered anyway. I find my hope in that I can give hope. I see those little smiling faces, those little hands that will be lifted in praise to God, and those children who will no longer feel like orphans but to a family of believers who will LOVE the best the best into them. 

Praise God for he will deliver me from my dungeons of grief, and into His Dream. Amen