Fail on Purpose

So many people are stagnant and paralyzed because they fear failure. I believe in taking calculated risk, and taking notes when I fail in order to learn. Failure has a purpose, and we should fail on purpose in order to learn.  I just finished this music video themed from the Netflix movie “ Bird Box” “   about “Your Kids Deserve Hope”.

This music video is a failure, because I seriously doubt it will reach my 1% of the internet user. My new year’s resolution is to reach 1% of the internet users (that’s 30 million people) because when this happens I will have enough funding to build a team for my music and film projects. 

I spent about three days making the music for this video, researching the movie, and editing it, but now that it’s done, I can’t think of any good reason why people would watch it…lol( should have thought of this first ).

This could make me depressed or I could write about it now, and let someone else learn from my failure – like i’m doing now! Often failure is looked at negatively, and we can sulk in it, but sulking wastes time.When bussing one day I broke and spilled vinegar all over a table while trying to clean it…I could have sulked but the mess would still be there! Instead I knew I had to quickly clean it up, move forward, and serve people.

The word “ Forward” has helped me out tremendously, because it helps me focus and get back to work. My work is not about me, it’s about God and the people I’m serving. What God and the people I serve care about is what I’m doing now, to help them.

So when we fail, we fail on purpose and don’t sulk. We fall forward, we think forward, we take notes, and we share it with a brother.

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