Fighting Predators with Art

I had a dream of two predators ( cougars) dressed up like women. They had a wig on with lipstick, and dress - I know it sounds crazy! They entered this wedding tent that we were in and attacked a person but nobody did or said anything! I desperately looked for someone who had a gun, someone who could help this person out, and when I found someone and pointed out what was going on…he acted as if he was going to help, then hesitated and then didn’t do anything… I was so alarmed! So, I reached for his gun to do something, then I woke up.

When I woke up I had a sense of God telling me how Christians are in America today . We have great potential to save lives , but were lazy, unfocused, and afraid of not being political correct. Yet people are dying out there!

I’ve been working with Grace Tang who was a victim of sex trafficking, and she’s been working with other organizations that stop PREDATORS. Our hope is to be a voice to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. We’re using the gifts God has given us in the arts to make a difference in our community. #mysignatureplay is a way to do this.

50% of what I make from #mysignatureplay song is going towards the goal of ending child-sex trafficking. Not only that but what I make from my albums ( Be Leave, and Be True) is going to help people find who they are in Christ. Because you can be rescued from a destructive lifestyle, but go right back to it because you haven't realized your God-given potential. That’s why what we are doing as artists is so important, because we’re helping people SEE their God-given potential with the things we create. This is a plea to not just support our art, but  a culture that is bringing clarity, dignity and unfailing love back to humanity.#mysignatureplay#endsextrafficking

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