Go West Lyrics

Go West, Be Blessed. Go West, Be Blessed. West…

[Verse 1]

What ya’ll know about dying?
What ya’ll know about fighting?
What ya’ll know about love…when people backbiting?
What ya’ll know about pain?
What y’all know about change?
What ya’ll know about grace?
When folks, calling you names?

This is not about talk, this is all about walk, cause at the end of the day…
I’ve got to do my part. God is the judge, I’ve been saved by blood, and I must testify and overcome with the Word. What’s my priority? To spread this gospel seed, and I got to let you know what Jesus did for me. He saved my soul, gave me a songs sing. Now every tongue confess… “Jesus is King”

[Chorus 1]
I know I‘ve been changed, angels in heaven don’ sign my name.

[Verse 2]

What ya’ll know about a second chance?
What ya’ll know about a freeman?
What ya’ll know about a former slave…escaping like Harriet Tubman
What ya’ll about the red pill escaping the Hollywood illusion?
What y’all know about Moses? What ya’ll know about the Great I, AM
What’s ya’ll about freedom? What ya’ll know about Kingdom?
What’s ya’ll know about Jesus, how he saves a heathen?

I got tell the truth, about the good news, for God so loved the world that he died for me , and you. He took that curse, he had the worst. But in three days rose from the earth. So when we die, we live with him. So say goodbye..to that old man.

[Chorus 2]
Wade in the water, wade in the water children,
Wade in the water. God’s going to trouble the water.

Go West
Be Blessed
Go West
Be Blessed

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