I Belong to Jesus

This morning ( December 27, 2018 at 6:50 AM) I write this because the devil has been attacking me in my sleep. As I was sleeping early this morning I fell into this paralyzed state, and then a dark presence came to my bed. I could only partially see it because I was paralyzed, yet, I felt its presence. It had a big translucent head with electric currents inside it firing off at intervals.

Immediately I begin calling on Jesus,  because who ever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved “ (Romans 10:3 ; Joel 2:32). Repeatedly I called on Jesus and the dark presence went away, and I woke up. This is not the first time I  experienced something like this , it happened some months ago,  yet the first time I couldn’t see anything, but this time I could see what was trying to attack me. So, I went back to sleep, dreamed a little, but then it happened again, yet this experience was like the first one I felt months ago. I could not see it but felt the weight of its body plop itself behind me on my bed . Whatever it was it was angry, and wanted to do something, but couldn’t, because God was holding it back. Again I said, “ Jesus, Jesus, Jesus” and it left. 

After that I just stayed up, and thought what could be causing these attacks? I thought it could be some of the stuff I had in my room.  I took down my posters of Lauryn Hill , Billy Holiday, and Bob Marley and replaced it with a writing on a sheet of paper saying I belong to Jesus, and posted it over my bed. I anointed myself with oil, and everything in my room. 

Then I begin to write this because here begins my campaign to fill myself, my room, my house, my city, my world, and my universe with the name JESUS. Because at the name of Jesus demons tremble, and flee. Blessed be that wonderful name of Jesus!

When I think about Jesus, my mind goes back to the story of the  Passover when God told the children of Israel to apply the blood of a lamb on the outside of the doorframe so their home would be protected from the angel of death. When the angel of death saw the blood it would passover their homes , that’s why it’s called Passover. 

As I see it, our nation has pending destruction over its head because of the rampant idolatry. But just as I called on the name of Jesus, and was saved from the dark presence, I believe the same is true for us as a country. The devil comes to kill, steal, and destroy , but Jesus came life more abundantly ( John 10:10 ).When we call on the name of Jesus we too will be saved from destruction. It is the blood of Jesus that saves us from the devil so he “ can’t touch this”, because God has anointed this! The devil should have left me alone because I’m now more determined to fill this world with the name of Jesus, and drive him out on earth as it is in heaven.

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