Major Projects

I am currently working on a movie called “Become More” it’s a fusion of music from the album Be True, and the fifty state tour I took in 2016 to gain a better perspective on life. 

This is not a “normal” movie, and I’m not a normal director. In fact I put this movie on credit ,  buss tables, drive Lyft,  deliver food , and live with my parents in order to finish it.  

I don’t get paid by a big studio or have all the millions of dollars in financial backing. But what I do have is a passion for doing the gospel arts. I have creativity, vision, and a background to help make that vision come true. 

My Vision is to help remind people of their identity in Christ. My vision is to remind people of what God has done, in spite of our failures. It’s when we remember who we are from the gospel perspective that we have great hope for the future. But we cannot fulfill this if our vision is distorted and focused on who we are from a worldly perspective. If our vision is in the wrong place then we’re going to end up in the wrong place. It’s only when we fix our eyes on Jesus , and have revelation of him that we are reconciled as humans and able to become our best selves.

With that said, God has blessed each of you with a special perspective, and gift. I invite you to take part in shaping this new movie “ Become More”  with feedback, comments, and suggestions. You can also contribute monetarily at: 

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