Never Alone

Tori Kelly at Fox Theater Singing Never Alone

I’m back from the Tori Kelly concert . It was absolutely amazing . I was taken back to that  Lauryn Hill unplugged vibe … where the simplicity and vulnerability shine through. I don’t normally go to concerts but I couldn’t miss this one because it was the first show of the Acoustic Sessions tour and out of all the places she picked to kick it off her tour she picked little ole Tucson!( The Underestimated City)

Tori’s story speaks to this present age where we struggle to find who we truly are in Christ, and keep it there. I believe the song Funny illustrates this…

“ It’s so easy to lose all the meaning of who you are

What is your definition of a true superstar?

Is it beauty? Is it money? Is it power? Is it fame?

Are you in it for the glory? What’s the purpose? What’s the game?

Everything you ever wanted got you tied up in chains ”

It’s easy to get caught up in valuing the worthless, and discarding the treasure in a world filled with trillions of distractions, and lies. But at the heart of her songs I hear the truth from Mother Teresa’s poem “Do it Anyway” because when you strip away all the stuff that doesn’t count in heaven, you come to the conclusion that, “ In the final analysis, it is between you and God.”

This is the same truth that runs though the story of Joseph, when he was sold into slavery, lied on about rape, and thrown into a dungeon. Humanity is fallen, and it often degrades good people with jealous lies. Then what makes it worse is that the people who could do something about it stay silent. But even in all that , God has the last word. To humanity you may be weird, and worth little , and at times we can even feel that way if we listen to them for too long.   But to God we are indispensable, he knew us before we were born, therefore we must faithfully live out our calling before Him.

It’s not about how many people that follow us on social media, but who we follow in our hearts. Because at the end… what will matter before the throne of God?  Fame is an  empty pursuit but faithfulness to God is everlasting. A life of integrity and faithfully walking with God is what matters.

 I thank God for Tori, because she is a reminder , a ” living landmark” that we are not alone in this fight of faithfulness. Like the song Never Alone says, “ I’ve cried many rivers, I’ve walked through some pain” Yet, in the promise of Christ we are “ Never Alone”. Christ went through everything we are going through, and is our comfort in times of suffering. So whether the world knows us, matters not. We are never alone, because we are known by God.

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