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Be True


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Everybody isn’t a guitar, everybody isn’t a drum, but we are all different instruments in this symphony of life. We often neglect our talents, story, biological makeup and who we are by trying to fit into society. So, instead of investing what God has given us, we bury our gifts in the ground like the foolish servant in the parable that Jesus told in Matthew 25:14. Yet, when we understand what type of instrument we are, and “ Be True ” by whole hearted service and commitment to Christ; THEN our life takes on a greater meaning and we add value to the universe for the Glory of God, and the benefit of all mankind.

1 Be True 3:41
2 Dance With Us 4:10
3 Trample Snakes 3:26
4 Who I Am 3:21
5 Love Your Presence 5:56
6 Hide in You 4:17
7 Reflections of Love 0:49
8 Long Day 3:34
9 Pretty Woman 3:35
10 Sweet Melody 3:14
11 Love You All My Life 3:51
12 Tell Me the Truth 3:13

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