Malan Jones


Malan Jones was awesome Friday night. A few times his voice was so big for that place. Great job, nice music! – Monica Lopez (Tucson, AZ): at “ Counter Culture Light Club”.

The worship really pulled me in, and I think that was a very powerful thing . Especially when Malan got on the piano. I think that changed the atmosphere. It was a great worship experience, encouraging and really fires us up to recommit ourselves and go out and serve – Absolutely positive impact. – Eddie Jones – Retired Military Chaplain – Tucson Arizona.

It was amazing, it was so cool. Just the talent, and also the heart for the lord.I’m a keyboardist and I really like the last part where Malan was playing keyboards.  I really appreciated that encouragement that word from Malan and others to be bold. it was great. – Beverly Pruden – Tucson Arizona

The Message is crystal clear: Leaving your past behind and moving forward in the Lord regardless of all things that we get tangled in the division, like race etc…I posted my faves “My Faith” on Facebook. – Sarita Sarita ( San Antonio, TX): On the album “ Be Leave “

Be Leave has a surreal feel to it, it states the truth, the musical element adds a fantasy like feel to what you’re saying, the blues undertone draws the listener, and your voice grabs attention! Love this one! The melody and vocals are amazing. Beautiful, Original, Melodic, the opening is captivating, as soon as the song starts you know it’s good! – Mitzi Galvez ( Tucson, AZ) : On the album “ Be Leave ”

I absolutely love track No More on the album  Be Leave.  I love the progression of the lyrics. It’s a very relatable and authentic song. Malan Jones is very bold to go there and address those issues that I believe almost all of us have been faced with. For me personally, it encourages me to  let go of labels, fears, habits, etc. and taking the truth of the Word of God on as my new identity. – Sarah Swiat (Kalamazoo, MI) : on the Album “ Be Leave”