Malan Jones


oh, yeah, yeah
oh, yea, yeah

Verse 1
They said “ I can’t ” , They said “ I won’t “,
You’re not a man , you have no vote.
But we proved them wrong / time , and time again /
Cause just like you I was created in God’s image. :
They said we can’t , I said yes we can
Cause there’s one God, and he’s sovereign.
So no matter your race or shade of skin,
If you know God’s love (Christ)
You’re His Children.

Oooh, I don’t want to be no body else but me/
Oooh, I don’t want nobody else but you /
Yeah, yeah, you and This Ol’ may disagree
But oooh, You know we were meant to be…
I gotta be free / I gotta be me / I gotta be everything I was called to be
And you can you can be you , go ahead and pursue /
All the good work you’re called to do .
But you gotta…
believe, and leave your past behind
Just breathe , and trust in the divine .
This is your time.
This is your time

Verse 2 :
Stop looking back, there’s nothing there
It’s time to create a new atmosphere
Why waste your time being miserable?
Can’t you see your life is a miracle?
Can’t you see that you should be so grateful

Chorus 2
Ooh, You don’t need to be anybody else but you /
Ooh, I need to be nobody else me
Yeah, yeah, you and I may disagree
But oh, you and I were meant to be
Family, family,

Harmony, , family harmony family
harmony , harmony, family

Location Kalamazoo, MI and Tucson, AZ