Your Power, Not Mine

As we were doing Word in 3D , we came across the story of Jesus multiplying food for the masses. He didn’t turn them away. Then we read about Joseph how he didn’t give himself credit for interpreting the dream. Then before all this we read in Proverbs about how wisdom will keep a person from an unfaithful lifestyle. The Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, and certainly those who obey wisdom will have a good ending.

Dear Heavenly Father you are my source, no one should ever give me credit as the originator. I pull from you and that’s why I’m successful . Like Joseph “ I cannot” but you can , therefore I can walk in confidence helping people by pointing them to you. I don’t have enough in myself, but you do! So I lean on you in prayer, in faith , in worship , and obedience. It’s your bank account I’m pulling from to do this work , not my own, because you paid the price! I’m just picking up what already purchased. It’s not my power, but your power I rest in .

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